Our Lawn Services

Seasonal Treatments

We offer 5 levels of service for our seasonal treatments and we can include mowing if you require.

The basics programme combines feeding and weed control over 3 visits – ideal for the budget conscious as you’d struggle to buy the materials from the garden centre for less.

Our standard programme includes all the feeds/weed control to give you a great lawn and keep it in a good condition.

Our enhanced programme adds in an aeration treatment, normally at the same time as the spring or Autumn feed, plus an additional organic soil conditioner and wetting agent during the growing season – ideal for those wanting to maintain a good lawn in tip top condition.

The premium programme adds in a light scarification to remove thatch – ideal for the those recovering lawns needing a little extra help.

The complete programme adds in a heavy scarification, top-dress and over-seed – ideal for those poor condition lawns needing renovation treatments to bring them back to life.

The monthly treatment programme provides regualr visit where we tailor each visit to the needs of the lawn; ideal for improving lawns to tip-top condition.

Our treatments are a good investment for your lawn and it’s not as expensive as people imagine; treatments start from £22+vat pay as you go or less than £7 per month direct debit to include labour, machinery and materials.

Our unique lawn survey: understanding the soil is key to getting a great lawn, so unlike others, our free lawn survey for customers choosing a seasonal programme includes:

  • Visual inspection of the lawn
  • Visual inspection of soil samples down to 6 inches
  • Option of a Professional independent lab analysis and report for problem lawns
  • Common weed identification and eradication plan
  • Custom report on recommended treatments and long term plan

For those customers who don’t want to mow their lawn, that’s fine too, as we other a mowing programme on top of any seasonal programme.