Enhanced Seasonal Treatments

t1-t5 season Standard Treatments 1-5
The enhanced treatment programme includes all the treatments from our standard programme, and adds an annual aeration to remove thatch and relieve compaction, a soil conditioner to improve soil heart and a wetting agent to improve water retention and prevent dry spot
BA4-CTH-AirJectAerator_001 Aeration Spring / Autumn
Lawn aeration puts lots of tiny holes in the lawn to aid water movement and soil breathing. Over time soil becomes compacted and this has a detrimental effect of the health of the lawn. Weeds, thatch and poor drought resistance are discouraged. The benefits of aeration:

  • Improved Drainage and drought resistance
  • Desirable grasses become dominant
  • Increase microbial activity
  • With top dressing, the soil profile can be improved


lawntopdress1 Soil Conditioner
The secret to a great looking lawn lies in the soil; our organic tonic lifts good bacteria development within the soil for the following benefits:

  • Enhances seed germination
  • Promotes quicker root development
  • Releases plant nutrients naturally, improving uptake
  • Improves stress resistance and disease suppression (fusarium, dollar spot and fairy rings)
 shutterstock_77292922 Wetting Agent
Helps the lawn resist drought- keeping to green with less water
Improves liquid treatment efficiency
Prevents and cures “dry patch”
Helps the soil uptake of water and retain moisture