Professional Lawn Mowing Service

All lawns need mowing; it’s the most frequent and most important task in maintaining a healthy good looking lawn. Many people enjoy mowing, some even find it therapeutic (like me). For our existing customers who view mowing as a chore, we offer an annual professional lawn mowing programme to give a complete one stop integrated lawn service. Mowing starts from just £23.50 per visit.

Mowing is carried out weekly between March and October and occasionally over winter as required, to include leaf clearance. In total around 35 visits per year, weather permitting. We have a full complement of mowers for every situation; cylinder, ride-on, roller rotary and a hover for steep banks. Your grass will be cut at the correct height with sharp blades to give you a beautiful striped lawn.

For the best results, our mowing service is only available in conjunction with a lawn care programme.

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Ride-on for large
lawns, sweep collector
/ roller for striping. Good
at picking up leaves!
High quality
cylinder for striped
Roller rotary for
high grass cutting
and striped finish

Mowing Tips

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