Standard Seasonal Treatments

shutterstock_52568317 Treatment 1 Spring Fertiliser – Feb / Mar/ April
This slow release non scorch feed gives your lawn a fast green-up after the rigors of winter.  Our fertiliser has a unique organic base stimulating good microbial activity promoting stronger root growth and thicker grass sward. This balanced feed will give you the dark green striped lawn that will be the envy of your neighbours.
shutterstock_1429063 Treatment 2 Weed Control – April/May
The best time for weed control is a few weeks after fertilising when weeds are actively growing. Once conditions are warm enough we spray a selective herbicide directly onto the weeds. As the weeds die back the lawn will flourish leaving you with a lush green and weed free lawn. We also include a liquid feed of trace elements necessary for healthy growth.
shutterstock_13393672 Treatment 3 Summer Fertiliser – May/June
This fertiliser will feed your lawn and keep it green until the Autumn (rainfall permitting). It will promote a dense green lawn. At this stage we will spot spray any weeds that remain.
shutterstock_14152495 Treatment 4 Autumn Fertiliser – September/October
An Autumn fertiliser is supplied at this time of year to maintain the health and vigour of your lawn prior to the onset on winter. This balance feed will improve healthy root growth and lead to a more drought tolerant, hardy and disease resistant lawn next season. Don’t worry about a few leaves interfering with the treatment; we clear them away beforehand.
shutterstock_87442991 Treatment 5 Moss Control – November/February
Moss is the biggest threat during this period so we spray it before it builds up and harms the grass. This liquid treatment plus additional feed kills the moss and improves the colour of the grass.